We Represent Padel Brands, Padel Academies, Trainers, Coaches, And Padel Players

We Represent Padel Brands, Padel Academies, Trainers, Coaches, and Padel Players

We support Padel Brands to grow internationally through distributors, We organize 3/5 day Intensive Padel Clinics, Educate Trainers/Coaches, and guide Padel Sponsorships


We are a committed close and Well connected hands-on team

ALPA-Management is a management agency that offers a high level of expertise, influence, access, and insight into the world of Padel. We strive for success, always improving ourselves, to become the best. We deliver results, not promises, through innovative strategies that keep (you) our clients at the forefront of the business side of the Padel Game.


Padel Brands

ALPA represents a number of High-Quality Padel Brands for which we are setting up an international distribution network. Want to become an International Brand or are you Interested in a Distributorship in a Country or Territory? Click here.

Padel Academies

We Organize Turnkey Padel Academies with Top Trainers and Coaches for all Padel Levels. These are customized Padel Experiences from 1 day to a week anywhere in the world. As for amongst others, Shooter Padel Academy, and All-Padel.com. Interested? Click here.

Padel Clinics

We offer under the names ll-Padel.com and Eventbooking.top our Exclusive developed ‘Intensive 3 Days Midweek Padel Clinic’ from of 2 persons in Barcelona and our ‘ Intensive 5 Days Midweek Padel Clinic’ from of 16 Padel players wherever. More info Click here.

IPP System©

The Intensive Ponseti Padel System© (IPP System©) is our Uniquely Developed Padel Training System that we teach our Trainers/Coaches to use for the ‘Intensive Padel Clinics’, ‘Padel Academies’, and for our Trainer/Coaches who are deployed at locations for short or longer periods. More info is here.

Padeltrainers/Coaches en Padelspelers hebben invloed op de aankoop van Padelproducten, het zijn de marketingmachines voor de merken. Het is een kans om bewust te worden en feedback te krijgen over de producten. Het helpt ook de padelspelers, trainers en coaches om professionele padeluitrusting te gebruiken.

We manage and maintain webshops such as ilovepadel.es and ilovepadel.eu which make Padel Rackets, Clothing, and Accessories available online for all interested Padel enthusiasts and to keep them informed about the latest technologies. It is also a good way to track market movements such as growth.

Why Choose Our Services?

We breathe Padel in all its facets with many years of experience, are well informed, and have found a way to combine the Padel business with a lot of fun playing Padel as well.

Now you are informed, let’s get started, contact us.